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Terms Of Use

Keeping in mind complete transparency and sincerity towards our customers, we would want you to go through all the terms and conditions which the company has laid down. We request you to read, understand and agree with all the terms before going ahead with signing up and downloading our product. And once you sign in or download the product we will assume that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.

Here are the few terms and condition that Sellacious has set. Please take your time, read through them and then you are all set to sign up with us.

You can easily and directly download the products that are free. No charges here! For paid products you need to have a membership with us. Also, the download will be accessible only after complete payment is received and verified.

We use PayPal, master card, visa, American express and other major credit cards for processing the payments. They will be having their own set of terms and conditions that you have to agree to before making payment.

Usually, our system instantly gives access to the purchased downloads after successful payment, but there might be cases wherein your payment is not successfully done. In such scenarios, we manually process and download information. This can consume 1 HR to 24 hrs as per the circumstance. It may take more time if a fraud alert has been activated. Also, our system may keep track of all the downloads that you make.

Here are some prohibitions that the company kept just to make sure that our products are not used for illegal purposes.

  • You should not violate any laws while in the use of our service. These may include copyright laws, European Union and International laws.
  • Without the companies official written permission, you are not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell any part of the service in the form of websites, CD etc.
  • Also, you are prohibited to release or redistribute our (SPL) Sellacious private license under General public license (GPL) or any other kind of license.
  • The entire data should remain intact after purchasing our product or services. You should not incorporate any kind of modifications in it.
  • Also, note that you should not purchase a domain name which is similar to ours, IE, Sellacious.
  • All the members will be responsible for the content that they post on the forum through their account.
  • If it comes to our notice about a member's unwanted behavior that can cause damage to the company's reputation, we, then, reserve the right to block his/ her account.
  • In case the rightful member of our site complains or have doubts that anyone else is misusing his/ her account then it should be immediately notified to us. Once the customer creates a membership account that it is solely his/ her responsibility to maintain it or keep it secured. The company should not be liable for the same.

Our extensions, components, modules and plugins are developed to work on self-hosted Joomla sites. They are compatible with the latest version of Joomla. We don’t guarantee if they’ll be suitable to function on an older version of Joomla CMS or not. All the latest web browsers such as Firefox, safari, chrome Microsoft edge etc are compatible with our software /plugin / extension.

Members can download paid extension, plugin to our premium customers while their respective license is still active. However, you can use the already downloaded product even after your account expires; this may degrade your available features for the free version. It is limited to fair usage policy.

One of the best things that Sellacious gives you the liberty to incorporate your own modifications on the product that you bought. You can check the documentation page for the same. If you have a hard time while making your modifications, our team at Sellacious can help you to ease the task. Our Forum is always in place for queries regarding the same. Feel free to ask.

For any kind of assistance from our side, you can contact us through the forum. We will try to aid you to fix small bugs, answer to your queries, extension support, etc. The latter will be offered to verified customers only via the forum. In case you make a support request through social media in the form of Facebook comments, tweets, email, etc. it will be redirected to the forum itself. Please wait for further development of the product or contact us for the quotation if you need an additional modification of the software /module /plugin. We do provide customisation, Development, Customisation services. You can check our SUPPORT POLICY for in-depth information regarding the same or contact us for the free consultation.

All the products are the property of sellacious. In under no circumstance, any kind of your claim to our products-modified or unmodified- will be acceptable.
The company won’t be liable for any kind damage (direct/indirect /special / incidental or consequential) caused due to inappropriate usage or the inability to use the product.
The company doesn’t provide any kind of warranty (expressed or implied) and the products are sold “as is”.

Usually, you can download our product immediately after signing up. In some rare cases, this may be delayed. There are cases wherein we may have to do manual checkups to verify the payment and the credibility of the customer. This is just to prevent frauds as someone may try to buy a product through cards that don’t rightfully belong to them. The check up can take up to 24 hours. Also, if more investigation is called for then the customer account can be suspended for a longer time.

We are entitled to modify or completely change the subscription with or without any prior notice.

There is no warranty with the free version of sellacious.
It is guaranteed that our each product of Sellacious will function correctly. For that, installation, activation and configuration should be properly done.
Sellacious products are not guaranteed to work on 3rd party plugins as there are too many modules, plugins, and components to support.
Also, make sure the compatibility of the browser as we don’t guarantee the working of our plugins, software or extension on all the browsers.
The company won’t be liable for any kind damage (direct/indirect /special/ incidental or consequential) caused due to inappropriate usage or the inability to use the product.
For any kind of queries or post, our Forum is accessible to all the members. We don’t commit to monitoring the Forum but we will surely reply and address your queries as soon as possible.
Excluding some cases, no refund / returns will be given for digital services or products. You can go through our REFUND POLICY to know more about it.

NOTE: We are entitled and reserve complete rights to modify our terms and conditions without any prior notice.

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