Selling and buying your e-products is as easy as physical products with sellacious. Enjoy trading your images, softwares, e-books or any product while we deliver features to ensure you enjoy setting up your digital ecommerce store with all our features at your disposal.

Download period and limit

Select how many times a file can be downloaded after purchase or avail it for a limited period of time.


Create and set license type for a download. You can charge a different price for licenses. You can adjust the number of permitted usage with this option.

Download Stats

Know the number of downloads for each of your product.

Allowed types

Sell images, any kind of documents, music, videos or tutorials via Sellacious. Just set the allowed types and rest all is handled by Sellacious.


Setting up a stock image store? Upload a translucent watermark that stays over product view so that it can not be copied.
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