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Thank you for choosing Sellacious

Thank you for choosing Sellacious, and taking out time to read support forums, feel free to download latest releases, install and use them. Get back to us if you find any trouble, we will get back to you ASAP....
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Payment plugin

Hi, I have create a plugin for Skrill payment, which is same as the default Paypalstandard. The plugin is getting shown on the select plugin drop down of New Payment method. But the payment method created based on the plugin is not getting shown on Checkout page. I am attaching my payment plugin here....
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Hiding some option from sellers

I think this options should be hidden from sellers, in backend: http://i.imgur.com/ngkNRGr.jpg And maybe Documentation, Support , Rate us on JED and Licensed to: X to. ?...
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Error when trying to add product: "Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 277"

Joomla: 3.6.3 PHP: 5.6.23 Sellacious installation went perfect. Error when trying to add product: "Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 277" Categories do not show (yes, i added categories. i even tried adding other users.) Categories do not lookup on new product page. Please advise....

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