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  1. sajib
  2. Sellacious Community Support
  3. Wednesday, 14 June 2017
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!) in sellacious demo admin & vendor test : we see that product prize option absence .so how can add product prize .when we list its appear prize value 0 $ every product .
2) when we install quick install package same problem ..missing product prize option for product listing on site.
example link

1) sellacious demo :version :http://demo.sellacious.com/squick/sellacious/index.php?option=com_sellacious&;view=product&layout=edit
2) picture are given bellow
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Accepted Answer
Abhishek Agrawal Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Sajib,

Have you set up a multivendor environment? Please select a seller in Seller Tab to make pricing tab appear.
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sajib Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
yeah ,its work properly thank . good support from sellacious team:)
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