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  1. Michel Dube
  2. Sellacious Community Support
  3. Monday, May 01 2017, 07:12 AM
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I don't really understand how the sellers get paid on a MarketPlace setup.

What I understand is that if the buyer uses Paypal to buy a seller's product, the money is added to the site admin paypal's account.

Now, how does the seller get paid?

What is the complete process to get the transaction completed, how the commission fees are taken?

How do we transfer the money to the seller account? I don't find any setting where the seller can give his paypal email? Same email that his profile's email?

If he has to pay the seller back by paypal after taking commission fees, when or how does the site admin know that the product has been delivered and received?

With this MarketPlace option, I think that you have a very interesting e-commerce solution and I'd like to buy a first app but I really need answers to thoses questions concerning marketplaces.

Thanks to pay attention to my requests!

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Ankit Agrawal Accepted Answer
Hi Michel,

Yes, You are right. Money does go to the Admin's PayPal(or any other gateway used) account.
The Seller can go to dashboard and request a withdrawal. Sellacious shows how much money he can ask for(Sales Value - Store Commission = Money in his/her account). There are withdrawal notes where a seller can put his preferred way of paying plus details. Admins receive notifications on change of every order status i.e Admin would be aware when the order is delivered.

Please let me know if there are any further queries.

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