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Abhishek Agrawal

Sellacious Stable 1.3.2 Released - php7 and Joomla 3.5.x supported

Sellacious Stable 1.3.2 Released - php7 and Joomla 3.5.x supported

New Features:

Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above
PHP 5.3.1 onwards including PHP 7.x

  1. No need to subscribe to download.
    1. Directly Install from Web
    2. Or Download from sellacious.com without subscription
  2. Enhanced seller/admin dashboard
  3. Permissions setting page improved with grouped/accordion
  4. Internal Messages with threaded reply
  5. Improved Order management
    1. Direct Invoice download
    2. Direct Receipt download
    3. Direct Print View
    4. Modal Status history Log
    5. Transactions which took place for particular order.
  6. Bulk and Keyboard shortcuts:
    1. Inventory manager view
      1. Bulk product price and stock
      2. Bulk variant price and stock
      3. + Keyboard shortcuts
  7. Communication log: View every email sent of of the system
  8. New improved segmented Global configurations.
  9. Email Templates
  10. Introducing 5 more types of email templates for more personalised behaviour.
    1. Automatic email notification for seller registration
    2. Automatic email notification for new message received
    3. Automatic email notification for new transaction (addfund/witdrawal request)
  11. Currency from IP:
    1. Auto detect user's currency from his location (if available) for guest users.
  12. Block Checkout
    1. If you dont want user to checkout and just want sellacious as advanced catalague use this feature
    2. Enable/Disable checkout from Global Config.
  13. Licensing
    1. Footer with active license information.
  14. Additional Filters for Tax and Discounts (coupons yet to come)
    1. Enormous power on tax and discounts, define them for particular geographical location
  15. User visits/page view stats


7 New Payment Methods in Appstore:

  1. Authorize.net
  2. PayPal
  3. 2Checkout
  4. CCAvenue
  5. Stripe
  6. Razor Pay (India)
    1. PayTM
    2. PayUMoney
    3. Mobikwick
    4. EMIs
    5. Bank debit and Credit card
  7. PayTM


Marketplace Features:

  1. Shipped by Seller or shop for multiseller sites
  2. User groups fixes for client/seller/manufacturer/staff category assignment to users
  3. Auto assign default client category to new registered users.
  4. Seller can set shipment origin
  5. Seller can set shippable locations

Bug Fixes:

  1. Login permissions
  2. Permissions for various views
  3. Product grid and list layout
  4. Compare bar on frontend pages
  5. Seller registration
  6. Collpasible menu
  7. Coupon Page
    + 343 small and big bug fixes



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