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New Member

Query form unable to display correctly

Sellacious v1.4.7 | All module and plugin are updated. Issue: Under Sellacious Products "Pricing" TAB > I set "Open query form" for price. but when i click on frontend Product "QUICK VIEW" > than click on Open Query Form > Query form unable to display correctly. Find attachments....
New Member

Before we purchase, How do we do this?

Hi, Before purchase we are trying your product. There are 2 things I need to know how to do and that will determine our purchase. We are selling Blueprint plans as Downloads ONLY. No tangible goods just downloads. My question is this... 1. - Can I add a product to show a customer in a preview and NOT show the price until they click more information or view full detail on product and then the price will be displayed. ( I don not want a custome...
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