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New Member

Searching products via others criteria

Hello to all Well i need to figure out how to set search to find some products which have something in short description or in features list or in main description Is there any option to do that? I will be very greatful Also how can i buy import option im very interested in your product but now buissenes is in first stage opening and i want to see how will be reaction of clients. Thanks in advance...
Junior Member

Patch for Sellacious Finder Module Issue

Hi everyone, Many of our users have posted an issue that they are having an issue with the Sellacious finder module, Now it's been fixed and tested. We will soon release in our next version but for now please use the attached patch as instructed below: Download and Unzip the patch according to your template( i.e squick or jsfasion), Open your folder directory. Replace the files with same folder structure specified in it. Thanks...
New Member

How do I do this?

Hi, Before purchase we are trying your product. There are 2 things I need to know how to do and that will determine our purchase. We are selling Blueprint plans as Downloads ONLY. No tangible goods just downloads. My question is this... 1. - Can I add a product to show a customer in a preview and NOT show the price until they click more information or view full detail on product and then the price will be displayed. ( I don not want a custome...
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