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  1. Barry
  2. Sellacious Premium Support
  3. Thursday, 12 April 2018
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I uploaded the carousel slider on my website to display images. After uploading the 2nd image on the page builder I was unable to make any additional edits to the slider or any other page. Now, when I click on the edit button it only illustrates a very small section of the page. I have attached 2 screenshots for your review.

I would GREATLY appreciate your help in getting this issue resolved in order for me to make edits to my website.

I look forward to a response at your convenience.

Barry Screenshot 2018-04-11 02.45.53.png Screenshot 2018-04-11 02.46.44.png
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Vijaya Sharma Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Barry,

This issue is not of sellacious. The carousel addon you're using is only available in pro version of the SP-Page builder.

Also, frontend editing is also only available in pro version of the SP-Page builder. You can edit your page from the backend of Sp-Page builder within free limitations.

Thank you,

Team Sellacious.
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