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Presenting Sellacious Mega Version 1.5.0 !

Presenting Sellacious Mega Version 1.5.0 !

Yet another exciting version of Sellacious is out now, bringing the all new and amazing features. Good news, you can do much more with just one click now.

Factors of all sides is always kept in mind while we get Sellacious versions according to the user’s comforts and needs.

Here is the list of what new is offered with the version 1.5.0:

  1. Sellacious has got its own menu manager. Now, You can manage back-office menu easily with Menu Manager in back-office. Customize Sellacious menu in clicks.
  2. Almost 90% of the sellacious application is now Multilingual ready. Offer it in your language.
  3. Products filter is now a module in front-end. Place it where you need.
  4. You can now set Style Options for all special categories and not just core shipped ones.
  5. Improved Products-Cache for faster frontend and backend. Almost 300% Faster than 1.4.7.
  6. Various product modules with multiple layouts options.
  7. Finder module to allow sellacious products using Joomla advance search utility.
  8. Improved Email Templates management with "To", "Cc", "Bcc" and "Reply To" email options for each template.
  9. After first install now sellacious asks you the basic options that helps you to setup your sellacious shop the way you want to use it in a quick and easy way.
  10. SEF URL improvement for better and readable frontend URL. Choose your own SEO friendly URLs now and create them via Joomla menu manager.
  11. Improved Guest checkout experience.
  12. Easily duplicate existing product in a click.
  13. Several UI/UX improvements including more informative product catalog.
  14. Fully compatible and works perfectly with the new version of Joomla! 3.8.
  15. More than 200 other small improvements and bug fixes.

For Premium Users: Completely revamped products, images, users and orders imports supporting plugins to handle Custom Import if needed.

  • Blazing fast Product Import from CSV files using Import Plugin.
  • Now, Import Users, Orders and Export them with ease.

There is a lot that you can do for Sellacious, And we are working everyday to make it even better and convenient for you. We are all ears and excited about your suggestions, Let us know what you think about the new version and what all do you expect in coming versions. Write to us in our community forums.

Also, Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels! Stay Updated.

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Features to look for while choosing a Marketplace Software.

Features to look for while choosing a Marketplace Software.

When you’re a company that sells products produced by a large number of companies, it can seem difficult to transition to an online business, and manage the large number of sellers that you have to deal with. Today, making your own eCommerce site does not have to be exceedingly technical, and can be done using Marketplace software expressly designed for these purposes.  There are various free marketplace software available, that allow you to set up a marketplace and use it to sell products from various sellers. We here list you out five from many features you should look for in a Marketplace Software:

  1. Multi-vendor Support
    In many use cases, The Online Store operates with just a single seller and the software is made keeping the same in mind. But for a company that wants to sell products through a number of vendors, it is of the highest importance to have support for multiple vendors in their marketplace software. This allows for separation between sellers and offers many more features, especially when two sellers are selling the same kind of product.

  2. Seller-specific Customization
    Detailing and advantaging the first point, it is incredibly important for a marketplace software to offer the ease of administration for its Sellers. Seller related settings should be full-featured and highly customizable. These include various types of policy control, such as return policies, the ability to set access of the seller’s to the site’s catalog, and to generate statistics based upon seller activity.

  3. Customizability
    A software is remarkably efficient if it allows to customize it’s almost every feature to suit the different needs of different users. If it does not allow you to set up various themes and discounts, it is probably not the best choice. There are various choices that are specific and unique to a business, and these choices are best left to the individual using the software, and therefore various customization options should be available.

  4. Extensibility
    The software must provide options for further customizations and add-ons. This can be through a store that allows the community of users around the software to build extensions and add-ons, and monetize them, or through on-demand features that could be requested and paid for to be provided by the makers of the software. There are often various add-ons required, such as payment gateways for things like PayPal, and feature additions for shopping carts, as well as design templates for the site, and all these contribute to the usability of the site.  

  5. Open Source
    Though in the history of software, it is not believed to be the priority feature to look for, To believe It is best to use a software which is open source and has the scope and capacity to extend it to the store’s usability. This has various advantages and to list a few, Software that is open source will have its complete source code available, which allows for the company to make its own customization and to modify it according to its specific needs if the need be.

    Needless to say, A software that is time and Cost efficient and gives you the benefit of less efforts in administration and operation, and is also easy to understand and access adds up to the best choice too.

    If all these criteria are not fulfilled by the marketplace software you are considering, you may want to reconsider, and look for an option that includes features that serves best to your marketplace establishment and growth . Without any of these essential features, there will eventually be times that you feel handicapped as you look for workarounds. With lots of marketplace software available, you have a plethora of choices to explore.

Also, We personally suggest you to check out Sellacious, an excellent solution that has all of the features that you would look for, and many extra ones that might make your management of an online marketplace an efficient and easy job. Not to brag but we have all above listed  features available with Sellacious.

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Sellacious - An ideal Virtuemart alternative

Sellacious - An ideal Virtuemart alternative

While deciding about expanding the business online, the first question that needs to be answered is about the Software to be used, that is reliable, complete and easy to create your online store.
Where we have plenty of options available, Virtuemart is one of them that is available with Joomla.
It is very important to select a user-friendly platform which also gives you the flexibility and scalability to expand and utilize the software to suit and cater your online store perfectly.
Coming back to Virtuemart, It is definitely a reliable option but we give you 5 reason why Sellacious is the right choice, and is a potential Virtuemart alternative.

Complete and Integrated:
One thing that we bet about Sellacious is its completeness and the Integrated Solution it introduces to the market. Where there is a need of thousands of additional plugins to make Virtuemart ideal for the kind of Online store you are aiming for, Sellacious does it all by itself having the USP of almost all the features built-in. This makes Sellacious a perfect Virtuemart alternative.

Sellacious offers plenty of useful resources for an enterprise level store, And also is a complete model for Beginners as it comes with all the configuration options built-in the system. At the same time, if we talk about Virtuemart, it will be safe to quote that it is not much suitable for the users looking for B2B stores due to the lack of available features and configurations, And you require a lot of research for additional plugins to be used.

Sellacious is built on the latest version of Joomla, and is revised time by time following the latest standards in the industry to help it run smoothly and make it secure and optimize the whole system, In comparison to virtuemart which is sparsely updated making the whole software not up to the mark. To make a practical eCommerce store, Sellacious offers you all the features built-in the form of configurations in the original system. Unlike other platforms which needs additional plugins for the same features, generally developed by the third-parties not understanding the base platform and are prone to use less effective code practices, hence, making the whole solution slow and poorly performed.

Cost Effective:
No hidden and additional cost at all! Sellacious is free to download and only charges you for the premium support, You get everything built in and pays no extra charges for any plugin catering the feature you need for your store. Where, Virtuemart is also free to download but requires additional charged plugins integration to make it a whole system itself and you end up paying more than the seem cost.

Time Efficient:
As Virtuemart is a platform which needs additional plugins to extend it to the desired capability, it takes a lot of efforts and time to get the whole software for your store in place. Whereas, We claim to have provided Sellacious as a complete eCommerce suit for Online stores and Marketplace saving you a lot of extra time and labor. Thus, giving you all the reason to believe that Sellacious is an absolute and even more preferable Virtuemart alternative.

Putting the above points in place to conclude that Sellacious is an absolute alternative to Virtuemart. Switching your preferences to Sellacious is the practical decision your Store needs.
While you get an awesome support and a helpful community to be a part of, We try to answer all your question pre-handedly offering documentation for our users.
Sellacious is extremely user friendly, reliable and a modern system developed keeping the requirements of an Online store in watch. With a vision and mission to cast a platform which requires our users to do no much work and start their online store under 10 minutes.
We try to give you all the reason to shift from your present eCommerce platform today and love Sellacious as much as we do and make it an ideal alternative to present solutions available in the market.

Learn more about the features that Sellacious has to offer here.
Also Read - Why is Sellacious the best eCommerce for you?

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Release of Sellacious 1.4.7

Release of Sellacious 1.4.7

Sellacious v1.4.7 is out and released and we list you down all the changes and new things offered to you with the new version. Features in the new version have been included keeping the minute details in mind for smoother operations.

Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above
PHP 5.3.1 onward including PHP 7.x

All that is New in Premium Subscription-

  • Product Imports with Import Plugin (all of these require the purchase of Import Plugin)
    You can now Import products from CSV files (Comma Separated Value), and also optionally create sellers, manufacturers, categories on the fly during product import.
    Just export the sample CSV from Sellacious, Change your data accordingly and put it on import. Also, Import product images and attachments from direct zip file upload or upload via FTP is enabled under the new version.


News that we have for free subscribers-

  • Product Image Upload:
    Now, Upload product images and attachments to their respective folders e.g. /images/com_sellacious/products/attachments//your-document-1.pdf etc; and click refresh media in back-office (at the right top position) to automatically link them to the products.

We have Fixed and improved things too-

  • Compatibility fixes and improvements for Joomla 3.7:
    Sellacious is fully compatible and works perfectly with the new version of Joomla! 3.7

  • Form Fields
    More control over what form fields you show during front-end customer registration and seller registration.

  • Back-office logo customization
    To improve seller’s experience, We have introduced the customization of the back-office logo (premium feature) via global configuration.

Several other improvements and fixes.

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Why is Sellacious the best eCommerce Software for you?

Why is Sellacious the best eCommerce Software for you?

With the emerging and flourishing digitization of practices and an increased demand of online structural stores for everything from groceries to consumer goods, Trade has taken a swift turn to marking its presence on internet with a  huge number.
Thinking to shift your shop into a proper Online Store, or better - a Marketplace? What are the question you ask before choosing your platform to trust your business with?
With so many options available in the market scaling from Virtuemart to wooCommerce to something more refined like Magento, it’s typical to find yourself lost and confused in the jam of Software. We know the need of researching a Platform for your Store far down from the top and surface before you settle down at one, and we have covered all that up for you here.
We are not bragging but Sellacious comes loaded with all the features you require to ensure your store runs smoothly, cost effectively, and successfully for the growing years.
Going into the details:

1- Sellacious asks for extremely less efforts.
As we claim and ensure, Sellacious is a complete solution for your store and requires almost no extra plugins, still maintaining the flexibility to match your needs,Sellacious lets you customise the same according to your specifications. Download our quickstart package and you can get an online marketplace or store up and running within 10 minutes.

2- An All-Rounder. Sellacious thrives to  render an all-round platform offering RMA (Returns and Exchange), Automatic Stock Balancing across various sales channels, Orders Management, Geo-Location based shipping, payments, coupons, taxes & discount rules and much more on the back of user’s hands, jacked up with Multi-Site feature enabling the user to manage multiple sellacious installations from single sellacious installation.

3- Cost effective
Current available solutions in market comes with hidden cost where you have to pay for all the little customisations to make it work in a real world. Sellacious, on the other hand, is a complete solution in itself and requires extremely less external plugins which saves you a huge cost on additional integrations. Sellacious is absolutely free to download and thus goes easy on your pocket.

4- Seamless Checkout Process
Payment and checkout shall never be a problem for the customers, with so many payment and shipping integrations available, you can choose to add any to your store and combine it with Sellacious easy checkout process, it lets you in fact modify the checkout fields directly from Sellacious as per requirements, to give your buyers the ease of ordering with customization of your products enabled.You can also let your guest do the checkout without even letting them register on your store.

5-  SEO friendly and Page load Performance
Sellacious comes with all the features to support your Store’s Marketing, with so many features for logical marketing, SEO and modifications of various SEO settings to suit your essentials. One of the tested and certain ways to boost your store is to reduce its loading time giving your buyers a nice shopping experience. Sellacious also ensures a robust interface which helps you maintain and run your store in the best speed possible.

6-Support at your disposal
We know you must have questions, and we try to be connected to our user’s in as many ways possible, offering 24*7 live support, active Community forum, written documentation, video tutorials to make it easier for you to understand and much more.

7- Developer Friendly
Love to code? Sellacious is built with the modern code standards in industry thus enabling easy development on the platform. The Joomla! MVC structure is the core of Sellacious, which makes it especially easy to extend and customise as per your requirements. Download, Install and get going with starting your own online store or marketplace.

8- Secure and Up-to-date
Security is one of the main concerns while running an eCommerce since it involves so many transactions, Sellacious here plays its part in ensuring the security that is required as it maintains the latest code standards and performs regular code audits to fix any unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Sellacious has emerged as one of the reliable software in recent times and focuses on understanding its user’s experience, And so, have introduced the idea of Trial of our Platinum package for a period of time to let you perceive Sellacious for yourself with its every element.

There are plenty of options available out there, And we understand choosing the one that suits you is a heavy investment of time and money. Try Sellacious for your next big thing, We are sure we won’t let you down. With all the features that we offer, It is only in the direction of your store’s Success. Before settling to any random option, we encourage you to research what’s best for you according to your current needs.

Stay connected for more. We have more than this in store.

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All you need to know about Sellacious v1.4.6

All you need to know about Sellacious v1.4.6

Releasing the new version of Sellacious with many new features added to add to the highest achievable performance of the software as well as your store. Describing and understanding the changes coming with the new version, Below are the highlights of v1.4.6.

Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above
PHP 5.3.1 onwards including PHP 7.x

Latest and Related Products Module:
Initially, The Related Products and Latest Products were referred as independent modules. Now the latest products and related products modules comes along with the Sellacious package giving you more flexibility to showcase your products in an enhanced way.

Trial License:
Considering the need of researching your way to the best eCommerce platform for your online store, Sellacious now offers Premium Trial license to unlock and try the hidden features for FREE for a limited time.

Smart Search:
With the release of new version, Sellacious will now support Joomla smart search integrated with Sellacious to allow searching of products throughout the store using content indexing.

Guest Checkout:
Much awaited Guest Checkout is introduced with the upcoming version. This is the guest checkout you are looking for in TRUE sense. No user registration takes place at all for the user opting for guest checkout, not even a hidden one. Buyers can access their orders directly through the URL mailed to them.

E-mail URL access:
We not only focus on the needs of our users but the comfort of your buyers too. With the distinctions in v1.4.6, Customers can access their order using the URL in their email directly, without needing to login to your shop every time.

Zero Priced Products and Cart:
Checkout for Zero priced products or Cart with Zero value enabled with Sellacious. You have the option to choose whether you want to allow checkout with ZERO priced items or a cart with ZERO order value controlling your store according to your requirements and nature of your products.

Out of Stock Products Sale:
You can now choose to extend your sale of products and accept orders even when they are out of stock. Now choose whether to allow selling of out of stock products and set limit of product sale.

Minimum Order Value:
Is there a minimum order value rule you follow? Sellacious now lets you configure a minimum order value according to which you can control the placing of orders, A limit can be set for buyers that must be fulfilled to be able to place an order.

Min-Max Quantity:
Give your Sellers the control of their products, Each seller can now configure a minimum quantity and/or maximum quantity that can be ordered for each product individually so as to maintain their orders hassle free.

Live Exchange Rates:
Forex now automatically attempts to fetch live rates if no exchange rates are available in your site database for a requested currency pair. This rate is then stored in the database for further use easing and optimizing the whole process.

Changes in Payment Methods:

Sellacious 1.4.6 allows you to choose whether you want a payment method, each considered specifically, to be available for guest checkout or not.Say, You don’t want COD to be permitted in case of Guest Checkout, You can just simply do it with Sellacious.

Email templates:
E-mail Templates for various email triggers in Sellacious now shipped with the release package. Giving you the benefit to notify your sellers, buyers or subscribers about any information to be conversed.

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Introducing Sellacious v1.4.5

Introducing Sellacious v1.4.5

We are all jacked up to introduce Sellacious v1.4.5 placing on deck some exciting and useful features at disposal. As we talk about the same in details, scroll for more -


Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above

PHP 5.3.1 onwards including PHP 7.x


Sell anything from anywhere:-

With the release of this version, Sellacious makes sure you can integrate external apps to sellacious cart using CART API and Tracking API. Just Pass Name, Price and any other info you would like to sellacious API and sellacious will process it using its rich cart rules/tax/shipping/payment/credit or cart plugin like a native product. You can also query status of that product or order using Tracking API Plugins.


Authorization of Users:-

Now with the update, You can choose to add authorized persons of any organisation, who can order on behalf of the organisation. And also can set rules and limits on the access and roles of the approved user.



Credit Limits:-

Sellacious 1.4.5 now allow defining credit limit of any Organisation and/or authorised users of that institution. Configuration for Credit days is also enabled default credit limits and if the user can benefit that method if no credit limit is assigned to him.



Purchase Orders:

v1.4.5 introduces plugin based purchase orders; You can ask your business clients to mention purchase order no and upload purchase order if they want. Helping you run and manage your orders fuss free.


Resale Tax Certificates:

Tax waiver certificate got an upgrade, Now you can configure geo-locations where tax waiver is applicable under Global Configurations head, and also, can save tax waiver certificate in user profile. Resell with ease and let the users pay the taxes.



Stock and Overstock Sales Fixed:

Sellacious now gives you the option to let your buyers not consider stocks while making a purchase from the front-end. You can set over sales limit and opt for accepting pre-sales with the use over sales limit as your pre-order tool. You can configure the limit of how many products in access can be purchased even when the product is unavailable.


Location based search bug fixed:

Location based search on Front-end had some Filter bugs, with the landing of the new version we have made sure it runs smooth and proper now, All the bugs are fixed.


Menu Manager:

The menu of Category/subcategory can be created from menu manager now to let you save ample of time, and reducing any extra efforts.



Product Menu:

You can now place different modules on category view page and Product detail page respectively.

A generalized Product menu can be made to assign item ID and to position modules on menu locations now.



Order Payment:

You can now give your buyers the benefit of paying for failed orders from order's page. The feature help minimizing the efforts of going through the whole procedure of ordering all over again.



Many other Bugs squashed [Nearly 10]

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Ankit Agrawal

What to expect in Joomla! version 3.7

What to expect in Joomla! version 3.7

Joomla! has geared up for its next version to be released soon, the much awaited version will see many significant changes and mark the introduction of various new features since its last release in July, 2016 hosting the features like subform field, show all menu items, improved UX, improved Joomla! updates, Menu type ACL, categories on the fly.
Considering the up-gradation brought up with the release of Joomla 3.5, v3.7 is foreseen to be a minor upgrade, yet Joomla clearing the air announced shipping of some main new features to be included by Joomla 3.7 , Beta version of which is set to be released around 24th of January 2017.
Joomla! announced  Robert Deutz (CMS maintainer and former PLT member) as the 3.7 Release Lead, with its news publish about its Version 3.7 and what to expect.
Talking in details, we have put together some of the expected features coming up with the version.


  • Routing:
    Router is the relevant code to create and process SEF URLs. Search engine friendly (SEF), human-readable URLs that make sense to both humans and search engines because they explain the path to the particular page they point to. Joomla will now have the scope of using a new routing strategy, The feature is placed as an option and you can enable it per component, easing to mix the old and new strategy if required. Joomla! also made it clear that If you are using an old extension that does not support the new routing then everything will still work as before. This will ensure many issues fixes faced with the current version of Joomla!. The update is announced by Joomla! In its Road to 3.7 news publish and will make its way in the new upcoming version.


  • Custom fields:
    Talking about custom fields, You will be able to add custom fields to articles, user profiles and contact forms. It will now be possible to attach a field to a field group, disable custom field feature to every component, 3rd party extension developers will be allowed to adapt the output to their extensions and the site integrator to customize them to their needs and much more.
    The new version of Joomla! Will see some significant update about custom fields, We are counting that with the release of this Joomla! 3.7, The coding of the same is pretty much done, and is available to be tested by anyone anyone just by downloading the  version of Joomla! available in GitHub repository.


  • Visual update of back-end template:
    As per release news published by Joomla in November, Apart from some big changes the back-end template will be visually improved involving some minor enhancements and refining usability. Changes are expected to be made only to ISIS template.  Mostly only affecting UI elements, background gradients envisioned to be removed.

  • Other Improvements:
    Joomla! 3.7 will bring many other notable changes, parallel Facebook login will be enabled, Adding a Facebook authentication plugin to render own fields in login modules and the login views of com_users. The feature is already been approved by the PLT.
    Drag and drop toolbar editing with TinyMCE, As we quote, With this version, you will now be allowed to customize and edit the default editor, You can open the TinyMCE editor plugin and add move or remove buttons.




    Improvements in article modals, Joomla 3.7 will mark a lot of time saving by enabling to create a menu directly while creating an article.

    New date and time Picker, this relatively minor proposed change would update Joomla’s date and time picker, everything will be controllable through the calendar field definition and the new time picker code would be based on select elements (24h or 12h based)


You can also direct at Github, https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms for more detailed changes and test the features yourself.


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Abhishek Agrawal

Sellacious Stable 1.4.4 Released - php7 and Joomla 3.6.x supported

Sellacious Stable 1.4.4 Released - php7 and Joomla 3.6.x supported

New Features:

Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above
PHP 5.3.1 onwards including PHP 7.x



  • Meta description/keywords from product rendered in product detail pages.

Shipping & Address:

  1. Use itemized shipment methods or single shipment method for entire cart.
  2. Feature to add custom form fields to any shipping method. User would be prompted to fill those in when selecting the shipment method.
  3. Customer can now specify for each of their addresses whether it is a residential address or an office address.
  4. Address now also contains company name and Post Box number fields.

Checkout Questions:

  1. Introducing Checkout Form that allows you to ask the customer for few additional information during checkout.
  2. Define your checkout form in Global configuration after creating them in additional attribute.


  1. If payment fails for an order, the customer can re-attempt payments from order page.

UX and Speedy Product Creation:

  1. Create product in 10 seconds, now create product with just title, category and price.
  2. Option to show or hide products with no defined price (zero price) and/or out of stock products.
  3. Checkout page major improvement.
  4. Continue shopping link added to shopping cart modals.
  5. Improved modal layouts to allow support for different templates.
  6. Seller specific storefronts showing only the products listed by the selected seller.
  7. Detailed registration and profile pages for customers in front-end per customer category.


  1. Not saving payment credentials with order automatically, to do so you'd need to configure your payment method accordingly from backend.
  2. Several other critical fixes



Included in Package:

  1. Paypal Standard (configure your PayPal payment integration with just an email address) for less technical users.
  2. Mootools Killer (to avoid mooTools conflicts in sellacious backend. It will NOT affect any other part of your website.)
  3. Forex automatic rate fetcher


Marketplace Features:

  1. Amazon Kind of model possible now
  2. ebay kind of model possible now except auction
  3. Digital Marketplace Possible
  4. Physical product market place possible
  5. Local store possible
  6. Mix of anything possible.
  7. Seller's store visible on frontend
  8. Registration of sellers from frontend possible


  1. Nearly 78  small and critical bug fixes including few security updates.


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Abhishek Agrawal

Sellacious Stable 1.3.2 Released - php7 and Joomla 3.5.x supported

Sellacious Stable 1.3.2 Released - php7 and Joomla 3.5.x supported

New Features:

Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above
PHP 5.3.1 onwards including PHP 7.x

  1. No need to subscribe to download.
    1. Directly Install from Web
    2. Or Download from sellacious.com without subscription
  2. Enhanced seller/admin dashboard
  3. Permissions setting page improved with grouped/accordion
  4. Internal Messages with threaded reply
  5. Improved Order management
    1. Direct Invoice download
    2. Direct Receipt download
    3. Direct Print View
    4. Modal Status history Log
    5. Transactions which took place for particular order.
  6. Bulk and Keyboard shortcuts:
    1. Inventory manager view
      1. Bulk product price and stock
      2. Bulk variant price and stock
      3. + Keyboard shortcuts
  7. Communication log: View every email sent of of the system
  8. New improved segmented Global configurations.
  9. Email Templates
  10. Introducing 5 more types of email templates for more personalised behaviour.
    1. Automatic email notification for seller registration
    2. Automatic email notification for new message received
    3. Automatic email notification for new transaction (addfund/witdrawal request)
  11. Currency from IP:
    1. Auto detect user's currency from his location (if available) for guest users.
  12. Block Checkout
    1. If you dont want user to checkout and just want sellacious as advanced catalague use this feature
    2. Enable/Disable checkout from Global Config.
  13. Licensing
    1. Footer with active license information.
  14. Additional Filters for Tax and Discounts (coupons yet to come)
    1. Enormous power on tax and discounts, define them for particular geographical location
  15. User visits/page view stats


7 New Payment Methods in Appstore:

  1. Authorize.net
  2. PayPal
  3. 2Checkout
  4. CCAvenue
  5. Stripe
  6. Razor Pay (India)
    1. PayTM
    2. PayUMoney
    3. Mobikwick
    4. EMIs
    5. Bank debit and Credit card
  7. PayTM


Marketplace Features:

  1. Shipped by Seller or shop for multiseller sites
  2. User groups fixes for client/seller/manufacturer/staff category assignment to users
  3. Auto assign default client category to new registered users.
  4. Seller can set shipment origin
  5. Seller can set shippable locations

Bug Fixes:

  1. Login permissions
  2. Permissions for various views
  3. Product grid and list layout
  4. Compare bar on frontend pages
  5. Seller registration
  6. Collpasible menu
  7. Coupon Page
    + 343 small and big bug fixes



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