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  1. Çetin Özyurt
  2. Feature Request
  3. Sunday, January 15 2017, 12:13 AM
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Dear Abishkek,

I have written an issue related with entering tax rates of products. I tried to solve this issue by creating product categories for each tax rate. And when I upload a new product, I choose two categories, the category of the product and the tax rate category. Then I will choose the tax rate categories in tax pages. This solves the issue. But the problem is I do not want these tax rate categories published on the front side. When I unpublesh these tax rate categories, then I cannot access them when choosing product category. How can we solve this issue?
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Ankit Agrawal Accepted Answer
Hi Cetin,

The tax categories are visible on frontend by default and we haven't added a feature to hide it yet. You can try hiding it by CSS stylesheets.
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